Endowment Objectives

TIFR-H strives to be at the forefront of cutting-edge research in the country. With a highly selective procedure of induction, we take pride in the diverse academic experience of our Faculty members. The collaboration of these combined experiences with financial flexibility through endowment can come together to provide rapid expansion of theme-based research projects of scientific and/or national importance. For further details, please see Project-specific fund

As a rapidly flourishing centre with a vision to reach a global scientific stature, TIFR-H strives to embellish its scientific horizons by associating with internationally eminent faculties of Science and Technology by offering them the prestigious Chair Professorships. Presence of these outstanding researchers at the Institute, for short duration of 1 to 3 months annually, will provide insightful knowledge, wisdom and direction to TIFR-H faculty colleagues and its future research expansion plans.

Estimated fund: 2 to 6 Crores

A substantial and well-maintained infrastructure forms the base of multi-dimensional proliferation of any institute. TIFR-H aspires to provide a sophisticated framework for its faculty and students for carrying out their research endeavors. Your endowment towards this initiative will be utilized for explansion of new state-of-the-art research, learning and training infrastructure and its regular maintenance. TIFR-H also welcomes your funding for establishment of any new centres. You can contact us directly to share your ideas and suggestions.

TIFR-H believes in developing multi-dimensional research cognition in students through an explicit involvement in interdisciplinary science aspects and hence strongly encourages student’s participation in various national and international conferences and symposiums. Such interactive platforms will augment their scientific temperament by making them on par with the forefronts of research and also motivate them for developing their research network through collaborations with eminent researchers worldwide.

Endowment towards this initiative will strongly encourage and motivate students for taking active part in various conferences and symposiums to implement mutual sharing of knowledge at national and international levels.

One of the goals of TIFR-H is to act as an interface between high end research innovations and public awareness regarding science and technology through its outreach programs. It has a parallel vision for establishing STEM education in India, to inculcate innovative and scientific thinking spirit in the future generations. As a part of TCIS outreach, a number of initiatives such as “deep learning” (link) in the TSWREIS schools, “meet a scientist” (link), “community guidance” (link) and “Sawaal-Jawaab” (link) are taken up.

Your endowment towards TCIS Outreach will be channelized as student and faculty support for pursuing community-connected opportunities and integrate their scientific and research oriented cognition with the "real world" issues.

To fuel up the scientific and technological spirit of young intellects, TCIS provides the Visiting Students Research Program (VSRP), which centralizes innovative undergraduate minds from renowned Universities/Institutes across the country, to work with eminent faculty members of TCIS in frontier areas of science.

We believe that training and motivating young intellect towards emerging technological trends and ideas will be a nucleating strategy for further advances in science innovations and technology.

Your endowment towards VSRP will augment TCIS’s vision to expand and strengthen the knowledge base of the country.